My Medical eCard is a simple, powerful concept of a user-oriented, personalized, portable, electronic medical diary. A digital health record tool.


It is a stand-alone, portable device, shaped like a credit card, fits nicely in your wallet with your other cards and you can take it everywhere you go.


It helps you to organise, record, manage, update your medical information in one spot and gives you the opportunity to keep track of your health and records, just like you keep track of your bank transactions.


My Medical eCard is made up of easy to fill health forms of your medical, dental, optical, blood group, allergies, therapies, drugs, pertinent health information etc, You can attach lab results, Wills and other medical documents.




Your record is pass-coded. With your permission, Medical Personnel can view your information and treat you accordingly. You are in charge of your Medical eCard and your medical records. You simply update it with any new medical activity e.g. a visit to the doctor, a new prescription etc, wherever in the world you may be.



A digital health organizer for the discering, pro-active, health conscious person.

Your medical records in your wallet.

Using digital technologies to improve and enhance health and well-being.

Live Well - Age Well!

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