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At My Medical eCard, we aim to raise level of health and care, of individuals all around the world, by educating, enlightening, encouraging and empowering people with simple tools, with which you can take charge of your health and medical records.


My Medical Diary, an adjunct to My Medical eCard, is a health records tool, designed for that purpose.


Peter Druker says ‘What gets measured gets managed’ and ‘To measure is to know’. Maintaining a record of your health interventions personally, makes it easy for you to refer to, remember your medical history and to share your medical status with other Healthcare Providers, when required to, for instance, when seeing a new Doctor or Dentist.


In the UK, the Government is doing its best to ensure that every Patient’s records are collated and available to the relevant Healthcare Professional, but your medical records are not readily available to you, just yet.


Medicalchain is currently working on harnessing Blockchain Technology to securely collate and store Patient’s medical records to be made accessible to the Patients, giving ownership and control of medical records to the Patients.


As individuals, you can play your part by keeping a simple diary of your medical activities.

The advantage of keeping a log of your medical activities is, you can collate interventions from not just your General Practitioner, but also from your Dentist, Optician, Therapist, Chiropractor, Chiropodist, Podiatrist, Pharmacist to name a few, in one readily accessible diary.


You can keep a log of your Medications, Blood Tests, Urine Tests, X-Rays, Cervical Smear results, Prostrate Sensitivity Antigen results, MRI Scans, CT Scans and more.


There’s facility to track your Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, your Medical Bills and to record your Advanced Medical Directives.

The beauty of it all is it puts you in charge of your Medical Records. By keeping a log of your medical interventions, you can measure the status of your health and take action promptly, when necessary.


Applied knowledge is power.


Be knowledgeable about your health and status.


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