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1. What What is My Medical eCard?



My Medical eCard is a credit card shaped USB device, personalized with your name and photo.


Within the card are easy to complete, blank medical forms.


2. How do I get my medical records on to My Medical eCard?



The medical forms installed on My Medical eCard are simple forms that can be completed by a lay person. You complete the medical forms within your Medical eCard with your medical information.


You can request for your medical records from your doctor, dentist, optician,specialist etc, scan the records and attach it to your Medical eCard.


You may receive medical documents via emails, you simply save the attachment and any additional information on to your Medical eCard.


3. Is My Medical eCard safe?



There are two medical forms within your Medical eCard. One covering your basic medical information. This doesn't have a password. It is ideal for access in the event of an emergency.


The second, more comprehensive form, has a password.


YOU record the information you wish to have on your Medical eCard. YOU are in control.


4. What if I lose My Medical eCard?



There's an address on the back of the Medical eCard to which lost and found Medical eCards can be posted to. We will then contact you to arrange a return.


5. Can I save the contents of My Medical eCard?



You can save the contents of your Medical eCard on your computer or in YOUR PERSONAL Cloud space e.g One Drive, Drop Box etc.


If you save the contents of your Medical eCard in your personal Cloud space, you can access your medical information from other portals, using your personal login details into your Cloud space.

6. Is my medical information stored on the internet?



No, your medical information remains on your Medical eCard, unless YOU choose to save it elsewhere. YOU are in charge of your Medical eCard.

7. Is my medical information accessible by others?



Your medical information remains on your Medical eCard. It can be accessed by those YOU give permission to access your medical information by handing over your Medical eCard and password.


8. What information can I put on My Medical eCard?



The medical forms cover basic information like your demographics, blood group, genotype, allergies, pertinent medical information like diabetic, asthmatic, epileptic, emergency contacts, doctors, health insurance and a lot more.


Being a USB storage device, you can attach other documents, medical or otherwise on to your Medical eCard.


9. What do I need to use a Medical eCard?



You require a computer that runs Adobe 7.0 and above.


Adobe is a free software, downloadable from www.adobe.com.


10. Any more questions?

Please email your questions to MMeC@mail.com and we will do our best to clarify matters.



Falsifying yours or anyone's medical Information can lead to crippling conditions or even death.


Medical Personnel are not obliged to use this device. Use of the information recorded by the User on My Medical eCard, is at the discretion of the Medical Personnel.


My Medical eCard Limited is a private enterprise. It is not affiliated with any health or government organisations.


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