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My Medical eCard is purely and personally for your own use. It works like a medical diary. You are responsible for the information you enter on to your Medical eCard.


Your records are not stored anywhere, but on your Medical eCard. It is not linked to the Internet, servers or databases.


My Medical eCard is blank, on purchase.

'My Medical eCard' is a one-off cost of between £15 and £30 dependent on additional features, such as corporate logos and delivery outside the UK. Delivery within the UK is free.


Each eCard comes with blank medical forms


Click here to tell us your health and medical experiences and how a medical card has served you or could have served you.

A digital health organizer for the discering, pro-active, health conscious person.

Your medical records in your wallet.

Using digital technologies to improve and enhance health and well-being.

Live Well - Age Well!


Falsifying yours or anyone's medical Information can lead to crippling conditions or even death.


Medical Personnel are not obliged to use this device. Use of the information recorded by the User on My Medical eCard, is at the discretion of the Medical Personnel.


My Medical eCard Limited is a private enterprise. .

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A Free Medical eDiary For You!

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My Medical eCard cannot be held responsible for the way the information on the device is used.

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