My Medical eDiary


My Medical eDiary is an adjunct to My Medical eCard.


It is a simple way to organise your medical history in an electronic format.


It is made up of blank medical forms that a lay person can easily complete and update as required.


The medical forms include basic demographics, like name and address, basic medical information, like your blood group, genotype, allergies, pertinent medical information like diabetic, asthmatic, epileptic, medication etc.


Additional forms cover contact details for In Case of Emergency, health insurance, doctors, medical providers, such dentists, opticians, therapists; medical history (current, past, family, social), medical activity log, such as lists of visits to the doctor, dentists, therapists etc, a blood pressure log, blood sugar log, medical bills, medico-legal directives and any other notes.


You can update your Medical eDiary on your computer. You can save your Medical eDiary on your personal cloud space, such as Drop Box, Sky Drive and update it by accessing it, using your personal access log in details to your cloud space.


You can also scan and save medical documents from your medical providers, such as doctors letters, test results, scans etc and save them along with your Medical eDiary, keeping them all well organized.


My Medical eDiary helps you to stay on top of your health and records.


Stay fit and healthy.


My Medical eDiary





A computer with Adobe Reader 7.0 and above.


Adobe Reader is available for free from


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Your medical records in your wallet.

Using digital technologies to improve and enhance health and well-being.

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