Why A Medical eCard?



Sometime back I was working away from home, which I often do and I was feeling poorly.


My listlessness, lethargy, headaches, sleeplessness and toothache continued for quite a while and I knew I had to drag myself to see a doctor.


It would have to be a new doctor, as I was away from home and that meant repeating my history, trying to remember all the operations I had undergone, the medications I have had, my dental history, my family history and so forth.


Honestly, I was in no mood to rack my brain about any of that. I simply couldn’t remember properly.


It then occurred to me that I did have a medical file, albeit incomplete and could be organized better.


It was sheets of paper, referral letters, operation notes, eye test results, x-rays of my teeth, mammograms, pap smear results and so forth.


That's when I thought I could have all that information properly organized in a digital format, on a portable device. Hence the idea of a Medical eCard.

A digital health organizer for the discering, pro-active, health conscious person.

Your medical records in your wallet.

Using digital technologies to improve and enhance health and well-being.

Live Well - Age Well!


Falsifying yours or anyone's medical Information can lead to crippling conditions or even death.


Medical Personnel are not obliged to use this device. Use of the information recorded by the User on My Medical eCard, is at the discretion of the Medical Personnel.


My Medical eCard Limited is a private enterprise. .

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